Elopement Photographer Europe

Your Elopement adventure in Europe.

From the initial steps of your planning to the photography itself, as your Elopement Photographer Europe, I would be there to support you every step of the way in your Elopement journey.

Even 50 years from now, the incomparable memories of your unique Elopement adventure will continue to thrive through your photos.

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An Elopement makes wedding planning fun instead of stressful.

And I take away the stress of Elopement planning.

It's completely okay and understandable if a large, traditional wedding is just not for you. In that case an Elopement is the perfect alternative – a unique wedding adventure tailored specifically to you.

You can find more information about the whole process further down on this page.

By choosing to elope, you leave behind the stress and pressure often associated with a classic wedding, focusing on what you truly want instead.

You deserve to truly experience your wedding.

There's no "one-size-fits-all" way to do this.

Your Elopement in Europe can be just like you.

An Elopement is an experience. An authentic and intimate wedding day in an incredible location, crafted together with a lot of intention to ensure you feel truly comfortable.

This means that on your wedding day, you simply do what you want. Whatever makes this day uniquely yours – it's exactly right.

My Elopement packages are fully customizable to suit you, ensuring you get only what you truly need and desire.

You only get the fun part of planning your Elopement and none of the stress.

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What is an Elopement?

Elopementfotograf für euer Elopement weltweit

Your adventure wedding with a feeling of wanderlust.

Elopementfotos weltweit

Deeply relaxed, in the great outdoors, wearing a huge smile on your faces. An Elopement is a way of getting married where the whole day is actually about you and where you get to avoid way any of the classic wedding traditions. It's a wedding that focuses entirely you as a couple.

Because an Elopement is so intimate, small and stress-free, it often takes place in a breathtaking location that holds a special place in your hearts. In the mountains, by the sea, or perhaps high up north under the Northern Lights? The world is literally your oyster.

How an Elopement unfolds is entirely up to you. Some couples choose to legally marry abroad, while others plan a symbolic ceremony with heartfelt vows and have a civil ceremony back home.

No matter what you have in mind, one thing is for sure: Your Elopement would be an unforgettable adventure where you can celebrate your love and your journey together far from tradition and exactly as it suits you.

As your Elopement Photographer Europe, I would be there to support you every step of the way, no matter where in the world your journey takes you.

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What to expect:

Pure emotion.

What other couples say about their experience:


Is an Elopement right for you?


When thinking about your wedding, things like a grand ballroom, elaborate table decor, expensive catering and an endless guest list have never crossed your mind. You've long known that all of that simply doesn't align with your personalities and would feel wrong. Also with all the traditions that seem to be part of every wedding, you struggle to see their significance and wonder why they even exist.

Simultaneously, you've always had a passion for adventure. You love nature and the feeling of discovering new, incredible places. As soon as you return home after a trip, the wanderlust sets in again.

That's when an Elopement wedding is a perfect fit for you.

Suddenly, there are no rules, no traditions, and no other people's opinions to consider. The world is open to you and you trade the ballroom for mountain peaks, table decor for stunning coastlines, and the guest list for the wind in your hair and incredible sunsets.

With an Elopement, you are free. It's all about you, your love, and your wedding, just as you've always envisioned it.


What could an Elopement schedule look like?

In essence, the basic schedule of an Elopement isn't all that different from a "regular" wedding. Everything is just smaller, more intimate and far more flexible.

Typically, Elopements are planned for an entire day, offering more than enough time and no rigid schedule. You can start the day after a long breakfast, with a relaxed "Getting Ready" session at your hotel or your accommodation.

Following that, you'll visit several beautiful locations and make use of the all your time for photos, which are of course quite important at an Elopement. One of these locations could be where the ceremony takes place. Often, this can even be a civil, legal ceremony.

Alternatively, you could plan a personalized symbolic ceremony and handle the "official" part at a different time of the day at the registry office or before/after the Elopement back in your home country..

You can easily incorporate an activity of your choice into your elopement. Whether you enjoy hiking, canoeing, or have always wanted to take a helicopter tour, there are no limits to your ideas.

Drawing from my experience as an Elopement Photographer Europe over the years, I'll work with you to create a day that is guaranteed to be unforgettable and a wedding that couldn't have been more stress-free.


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An unforgettable day celebrating you and your wedding.

For your once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I give my all:

100% unique

I never photograph the same Elopement twice. I firmly believe that as a couple, you deserve a day that is truly tailored to you. No rules or must-haves.

You tell me where you want to go and what you envision (if you don't have any ideas yet, I can help with that too), and we work together. In the end, we created a day that you are 100% excited and thrilled about.

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The most natural photos

Your Elopement shouldn't feel like a rushed and hectic photo shoot – it should be your biggest and most incredible adventure yet. Just be yourselves and have the best day ever.

You can look forward to natural and stress-free photos that will help you remember it all forever.

Always by your side

Elopements have been my passion for years. From our first conversation to your photos, I share all my experience and knowledge with you. I'm available for you and your questions at all times, supporting you every step of the way.

How do you plan an Elopement?

Elopement planning ideally starts 6-12 months in advance with the search for the right location or country. For Europeans it's typically easier within Europe, where there are few travel restrictions and minimal requirements for a marriage that's also legal in your home country. However, Elopements are of course also possible worldwide or for people that don't live in the EU.

Simply think about which country holds a special place in your hearts. It could be a destination that has been on your bucket list for ages or where you had your most memorable vacation.

Once you've chosen your Elopement destination, you can determine at least a rough date. Consider weather conditions, the best travel season, and the most suitable time of year. If, for example, you're drawn to the Northern Lights or want to explore the highlands of Iceland, these experiences may only be available during specific seasons.

Now is also the time to look for your wedding outfits. Keep in mind that alterations or custom-made outfits can sometimes take several months to be finished.

Around this time, as your Elopement Photographer Europe, I would step in and we'd delve into the details of your Elopement planning together. Once we've settled on a date, you can go ahead and book your flights and accommodation. Together we'll also take care of all other the details as well as the planning of our route and shooting locations.

We'll also explore which other local vendors you might need, such as a florist for your bouquet or an officiant for the ceremony. You don't have to worry about my travel arrangements either – I'll book everything I need myself and all my travel expenses are already included in my package.

And that's it! In a few simple steps, we'll have everything set up, and we're ready for your once-in-a-lifetime Elopement adventure.

Does an Elopement always take place without any guests?


No, not necessarily. While it's often the case that couples prefer to have their Elopement without any guests and just their Elopement Photographer, it doesn't have to be that way. For example, if everyone is willing to make the journey, you could have your closest circle of friends and family present for your ceremony and spend the evening and an amazing dinner together.

There are also wonderful ways to involve your loved ones without them physically being there. If some people know about your plans in advance, you could choose a few of them to write short letters that you incorporate into your ceremony and maybe read to each other. Or you might have a few small items with you that symbolize your connection to specific people.

As with Elopements in general, you have the freedom to choose. Going on this journey with just the two of you would be something truly special. However, it's also worth considering that you can always invite everyone who is important to you to a small celebration at home to mark your wedding.

Alternatively, you could opt for the "best of both worlds," as mentioned earlier: Your Elopement includes a beautiful symbolic ceremony, and you handle the legal part with your closest people at home. This is, by the way, how my own wedding will be set up as well.

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Why even consider bringing your photographer along rather than booking one locally?

If you were to book your Elopement Photographer Europe locally, you might of course save some money under certain circumstances. However, taking the other route has several advantages.

From the very beginning you'd have the same person by your side and a direct contact for all your questions over the months leading up to your elopement. Finally, at your Elopement, you have someone with you who has planned almost every aspect of it with you and has internalized every tiny detail.

Your Elopement will be one of the most amazing highlights of your life and the Elopement photos are what you will remember the whole thing with forever. The most natural photos are taken when you feel comfortable and the chemistry is right. Achieving that level of trust and friendship is often not easy.

But most importantly, when someone travels with you, you are their top priority throughout. Those who travel for Elopements simply do not have the capacity and time for 20 or even more of them per year. Their focus is 100% on you because you are one couple of only a few. You’d have someone by your side for whom your amazing plans have the same significance as they do for you.

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Your Elopement Photographer & calming presence

Who I am

I'm a pretty easygoing and laid-back person, so it's been ages since anything has really rattled me.

Thanks to my calm and composed nature, Elopements are the most beautiful thing in the world for me. There's no rush, no hurry, and no stress with me.

With me by your side, you'll undoubtedly find the space to truly experience this incredible adventure and take a moment to breathe, carrying all of it within you forever.

I love mountains, forests, and the sea. One day, I'd like to live in a small wooden lakeside cabin in Scandinavia. I enjoy the feeling of having time and would really love to have a beautiful dog. Over the past few years, I've been able to travel to many countries around the world, and nothing excites me more than discovering and photographing new places.

Your Elopement in Europe may sometimes feel like it's flying by, but rest assured, I'll capture everything for you. What will remain are memories of these incredible hours and the joy of having come this far together.

No matter where your Elopement in Europe takes you – I'll be by your side and support you every step of the way.

I never could've imagined that this intimate feeling that you have for each other could become visible in photos. I've never seen myself laugh so heartfelt and honest in photos without ever worrying about what I might look like. There wasn't any hesitation and not a single second of feeling uncomfortable. [...] Nico, I truly want to thank you for everything that you've created for us!"

- Ellen & Steffen

Hochzeitsfotograf Madeira, Elopementfotograf Madeira

"Best of the Best"

Internationally awarded as one of the Top 50 wedding photos in the world.

Elopement on Madeira, Portugal

Your Elopement with me.

What you get with every package:

Full-day Photo Coverage

I capture your story in breathtaking photos, always giving you the space to fully enjoy every moment. It's all about you and one of the most impressive days of your life, without ever needing to check the time.

Your Photos + Gallery

You receive all edited photos in full resolution through your private online gallery. This allows you to view, download, print, and share your photos at any time.

Location Research

In consultation with you, I search for the best locations. I consider the expected weather, sunrise and sunset times, the sun's trajectory, and ultimately ensure that we are in the right place at the right time.

Local Vendors

I'm happy to assist in finding the right local vendors. Perfect if you're looking for a bridal bouquet, professional makeup, musicians, or an officiant for your ceremony.

Day- & Route Planning

The heart of my work before your Elopement. I create the perfect timeline for you, plan in a way that you will never be in a hurry, and ensure that your day becomes even better than you could ever imagine.

Activity Recommendations

My packages also offer the option for a 2-day Elopement. Especially here (but generally for 1-day plans as well), there is plenty of room for one or more activities of your choice. Summit hike, canoe trip, skiing, helicopter ride, diving – anything you can think of. I will explore and plan activities that can be seamlessly integrated into your elopement.

All My Travel Expenses Included

Each of my packages includes all of my travel expenses. Flights, transfers, rental cars, accommodation, meals – everything is already factored in. This way, you can be sure that no hidden costs await you.

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Preview Gallery & Quick Photo Editing

Focusing exclusively on Elopements and Weddings allows me great flexibility for you. Within just 48 hours after your Elopement, you'll receive your first preview photos from me. Only an additional 7 days* later, your complete gallery will be fully edited!

*Depending on availability & travel time

Free for you upon your inquiry:


Your Elopement Guide

In my comprehensive Elopement Guide, I have compiled all my knowledge from the recent years for you.

Step by step, I explain everything you need to know for your Elopement and your entire planning process.

You will receive the link to your free guide via E-Mail after your inquiry.

In the Elopement Guide:

Pricing & Packages

You will also find the complete overview of all packages in the guide. The smallest package starts at 3.400 € / 3.700 $, including my travel expenses.


I will get back to you as soon as possible – typically within 24 hours. Additionally, you can also reach me on Instagram at any time.