Your once-in-a-lifetime experience

Your Elopement is guaranteed to be amazing and no matter where you want to go, I will be there to support you every step of the way.

This day will be absolutely incredible, specifically tailored to you and exactly as you envisioned it. Unlike large weddings, it will be all about you and this wonderful promise you want to make to each other.

A day filled with moments that we will capture together forever. Even decades from now, you will look back on it, browse through the photos, and say, "Do you remember...?!"

6 Reasons for Your Elopement


Minimal Preparations

Elopement planning is simple and fun. Sure, there are a few things to do, but compared to the extensive details involved in traditional wedding planning, this is a breeze. Instead of guest lists, seating arrangements, and table decorations, it's all about decisions between things like mountain peaks or sandy beaches. Sounds better, right?

Planning an Elopement is much more flexible than organizing a large, traditional wedding. There's little to finalize in advance, and you have almost complete freedom in choosing your date. Suddenly, having a wedding in the heart of winter is no problem at all if you simply pick a warm location or an epic winter wonderland as your venue.

Hochzeitsfotograf Schottland, Elopement Schottland, Elopementfotograf Schottland

No Drama


Cost-effective doesn't necessarily mean cheap when it comes to an Elopement. However, a traditional wedding can easily cost between 25-35.000 €. When you plan your day just for yourselves, suddenly only a small fraction of that is needed, and every cent is invested in something that truly matters to you.

I haven't quite figured out why, but suddenly, everyone in your circle has a lot of opinions and expectations when it comes your wedding. With an Elopement, you can avoid all the drama and pressure to somehow satisfy everyone, and instead, look forward to a 100% relaxed day.

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Just for You

A Place Like No Other

Who can claim to have gotten married under the shining stars, on white sands, atop windy peaks, or even on dramatic cliffs? Your shared adventure will, of course, be captured in photos that reflect all of this and are as epic as the day itself. Decades later, as you flip through the photos, you'll still see yourselves standing there, thinking, "WE DID THAT!"

Take a deep breath, lean back – now it's time for you. A ceremony or vow exchange in such an intimate setting feels beautiful. Without the gazes of others, you can focus on the tiniest moments and celebrate yourselves, your relationship, and your shared journey that has brought you so far, all in a private and intimate setting.

You deserve an Adventure, not just a Wedding.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" formula.

Your Elopement can be just like you.

Hochzeitsfotograf Irland, Fotograf Hochzeit Irland, Hochzeitsfotos Irland, Elopement Irland

An Elopement is unique. An authentic and intimate wedding day in an incredible location that we have intentionally designed together so that you truly feel comfortable.

This means that on your wedding day, you simply do what you want. Whatever makes this day yours – it's exactly right.

Your Elopement planning in 3 easy steps






Final Details

Hochzeitsfotograf Schottland, Elopement Schottland, Elopementfotograf Schottland

01 – Basics

Initial Thoughts & Ideas


Nowhere does it say that an Elopement must actually take place without guests. If everyone is willing to make the journey, you could definitely have a handful of people from your inner circle by your side. If no one can attend, I'm happy to discuss how someone could still be integrated into your ceremony.


An Elopement could be perfectly combined with your honeymoon, either by extending your stay or using it as a stopover.


Think about what is particularly important to you and what you want to focus on to make your budget planning a bit easier. Roughly, keep these points in mind:

· Travel costs including accommodation

· Photographer/videographer

· Officiant

· Outfits

· Rings

· Flowers (if applicable)

· Hair & Makeup (if applicable)

· Marriage registration/certificate (if applicable)

The Right Reasons

Make sure you both agree that an Elopement suits you and makes you happy. Discuss in detail what your vision of your wedding is.


The diverse possibilities of an Elopement can be a bit overwhelming at first. A rough moodboard, where you collect everything that simply looks cool, for example on Pinterest, can be a great help.

The Place of Your Dreams

Ask yourselves these questions to get initial ideas for your location: Are you more summer or winter people? Do you prefer the sea or the mountains? Team backpacking or Team 4* hotel? Do you feel like city-people (urban Elopements are great too!) or do you lean more towards nature?


You can often legally and officially get married abroad – but you don't have to. Your ceremony could also be a free, symbolic one, and you handle the bureaucratic part back home. Perhaps there with a few guests?

Hochzeitsfotograf Irland, Fotograf Hochzeit Irland, Hochzeitsfotos Irland, Elopement Irland

01 – Basics

Location & Date

Where to Go?

Choose a location that may have significance for you. It could be your dream destination for many years, the most beautiful vacation spot you've shared, or a country where you somehow feel at home.

Travel Time

Season, weather, and climate can have a significant impact on your Elopement and should be carefully considered. Special plans like seeing the Northern Lights or a trip to the Highlands, for example, may not be possible all year round.


For flights, check that there is either a direct flight or no more than one layover per route. Afterwerds we can discuss together whether, for example, a four-wheel-drive vehicle or a longer hike is necessary to reach your dream location and whether all of this can be implemented smoothly.


One luxury with Elopements is that you're not dependent on weekends. Consider whether everything can be planned for a weekday, potentially allowing for more tranquility.

Legal Aspects

If you want to officially marry during your Elopement, it's important to clarify all legal aspects beforehand and take care of your documents. In most countries, this is straightforward, easily available online, and no cause for concern, as you usually need no more than an ID, a birth certificate, and some proof that you are not already married.


In many countries, witnesses are required for a legal marriage. If you are without guests, I would be more than happy to take on this role for you.

Hochzeitsfotograf Madeira, Elopementfotograf Madeira

02 – Planning


Your Journey

Now it's time to book your flights, accommodation, transfers, rental cars, etc. Plan for an extra a day or two before and after your Elopement day to ensure a relaxed experience and account for any unforeseen events.


If you're interested in photos of your getting ready process, consider that your accommodation plays a crucial role. The more photogenic, the better, and a beautiful view or stylish decor contributes to fantastic-looking photos. Airbnbs usually offer more flexibility, but a hotel works just fine as well.


Along with choosing your destination, this is probably the most important decision for an Elopement. Choosing someone with a style you like is great, but almost secondary. It's much more essential that you feel comfortable with the person, are on the same wavelength, and from the beginning, feel that you can rely on them.


For a symbolic ceremony, this doesn't have to be an official person, but a legal marriage requires someone authorized to perform it. For a symbolic ceremony, you could also ask a friend or someone from your family.


If your chosen location requires entrance tickets, permits (such as in some US national parks), or other fees, it's good to have taken care of that in advance. I'm happy to look into this during my planning for you.

02 – Planning

Your Schedule

100% You

Your entire day should truly reflect you and be authentic. Everything that resonates with you can be integrated into your elopement.


Creating the timeline, and thus the schedule and route for your Elopement, is the core of my planning work for you. I plan the whole thing in a way that makes sure that we're always at a location to take advantage of the most beautiful light of the day, especially around sunset.

Often, I plan the day backwards from there, gradually creating a schedule from your Getting Ready to the epic sunset finale in the evening. The choice of the ceremony time and location is also based on the time of day and sunlight.

Day 2

An Elopement can last two days instead of just one – more on that below. This way photos at sunrise or a larger activity of your choice can become part of your photo story as well.


Perhaps this is the part that could best represent you. Eloping fundamentally opens up the possibility of incorporating your favorite activity into your wedding. A second day could be useful for this purpose. However, most activities can also be easily planned into a single Elopement day, and if none of this appeals to you, that's completely okay.

Some possible ideas for you:

· Hiking

· Kayak/Canoe tour

· Climbing

· Paragliding

· Skydiving/Bungee jumping

· Surfing

· Skiing/Snowboarding

· Off-road/Quad tour

· Scuba diving

· Helicopter tour

· Cycling

· Swimming

· Hot air balloon ride

Example for a possible schedule

Breakfast: You start the day completely relaxed and well-rested with a long breakfast at your accommodation.

Getting Ready: This is where I join you. In these first moments of your Elopement, there's excitement and pure anticipation in the air. Perhaps you write your vows to each other during this time.


Photos: Now we head to the first 1-2 locations that we've selected in the weeks prior. There is plenty of time for amazing photos and no need to rush.

Lunch: Either we have everything we need for this with us, or we make a stop along the way.

Ceremony: THE moment of your Elopement, a time for your vows and ring exchange. Enjoy this incredible highlight and the unique atmosphere.


Fotos für eure Hochzeit zu zweit

Activity / Photos: Perhaps you've chosen one of the many possible activities for this time, or we have yet another location in mind that we still want to explore.

Sunset: The most beautiful time for photos with the best light and a perfect finale for an unforgettable day.

Dinner: Enjoy a delicious dinner and reminisce about everything you've experienced.


Sunrise: While the rest of the world still sleeps, the perhaps most unique photos are taken here, as the special morning light is always breathtakingly beautiful.

Activity: Endless time for what you are passionate about or have always dreamed of. A glacier hike or maybe a canoe trip in the canyon? There are no limits to this.

Next day

I know, a two-day Elopement sounds a bit crazy. But:

If the spirit of adventure takes hold of you and you love the idea that a shared hobby or something else that connects you can be part of your wedding, then a second day might be the perfect thing for you. An Elopement is a visual story of perhaps the most incredible experience ever and doesn't have to end at sunset.

Imagine climbing mountain peaks together on the second day, discovering your dream location from the water, or off-roading through the vastness of nature, all captured as part of your epic story! Not bad at all, right?

Hochzeit zu zweit in Südtirol

03 – Final Details


Travel Documents

Make sure you have all your travel documents ready (I once found myself at the airport without my passport).

Checklist for the essentials:

· Passport

· ID card

· Driver's license

· Voucher for car rental pickup

· App & check-in for your airline

· Credit card

· Booking code & confirmation for Airbnb/hotel

· Visa (if applicable)


If you have outfits with adjustments or customizations, this can sometimes take several weeks. Make sure everything will be ready on time.

Hiking Boots

Shoes that may look fancy but cause you trouble during the Elopement can stay at home. Pack hiking boots instead, just in case things get a bit adventurous.

Wedding Vows

It certainly helps to think about your wedding vows in advance. Many understandably find this challenging, so here are a few questions to help:

· How did you meet, and when did you know it was love?

· How has your life changed since you've been living it together?

· What detail, unnoticed by anyone else, do you love about each other?

· What are you grateful for?

· How do you feel about each other?

· What challenges have you overcome together?

· What do you dream of for your future?

· What is your most beautiful shared story or favorite inside joke?

What other couples say about their experience:


"A Breathtaking Journey"

"Nico accompanied our Elopement in Madeira, and we are beyond happy that we took this adventure with him. Nico is such a wonderful person, and we felt immediately comfortable in his presence.

The photos left us speechless. Nico captured our emotions, so many details, and the atmosphere so perfectly that we couldn't believe it. What impressed us the most is that the photos actually tell our story!

From initial contact, location selection to the incredibly beautiful results, we couldn't have dreamed it any better. It was such an emotional, breathtaking, and unforgettable journey that we can only highly recommend to every couple."

– Annie & Johann

Awarded as one of the Top 50 wedding photos in the world.

"Best of the Best"

Hochzeitsfotograf Irland, Fotograf Hochzeit Irland, Hochzeitsfotos Irland, Elopement Irland

"Attention to Detail"

"Thanks to Nico's inner calm that he radiates, this serenity transfers to oneself, and any nervousness in front of the camera quickly disappears.

A thousand thanks, Nico, for allowing us to spend this beautiful time with you in Ireland, and for capturing these emotional memories for eternity with your beautiful pictures and your love for details!"

– Katha & Philip

Hochzeitsfotograf Göttingen, Hochzeitsfotos Harz, Hochzeitsreportage Osterode, Hochzeitsfotograf Harz

"Calmness and Serenity"

"I never would've thought that this feeling, this intimate sensation that one carries for each other, can become visible in pictures.

Never before have I seen myself so detached, warmly, and completely honestly laughing in photos, without thinking much about how I might look. Us in nature, against an incredibly impressive backdrop, with a photographer who knows what he's doing and radiates incredible calmness and serenity.

Nico, I want to thank you once again sincerely for what you have created."

– Ellen & Steffen

Your Elopement with me.

What you get with every package:

Full-day Photo Coverage

I capture your story in breathtaking photos, always giving you the space to fully enjoy every moment. It's all about you and one of the most impressive days of your life, without ever needing to check the time.

Your Photos + Gallery

You receive all edited photos in full resolution through your private online gallery. This allows you to view, download, print, and share your photos at any time.

Location Research

In consultation with you, I search for the best locations. I consider the expected weather, sunrise and sunset times, the sun's trajectory, and ultimately ensure that we are in the right place at the right time.

Local Vendors

I'm happy to assist in finding the right local vendors. Perfect if you're looking for a bridal bouquet, professional makeup, musicians, or an officiant for your ceremony.

Day- & Route Planning

The heart of my work before your Elopement. I create the perfect timeline for you, plan in a way that you will never be in a hurry, and ensure that your day becomes even better than you could ever imagine.

Activity Recommendations

My packages also offer the option for a 2-day Elopement. Especially here (but generally for 1-day plans as well), there is plenty of room for one or more activities of your choice. Summit hike, canoe trip, skiing, helicopter ride, diving – anything you can think of. I will explore and plan activities that can be seamlessly integrated into your elopement.

All My Travel Expenses Included

Each of my packages includes all of my travel expenses. Flights, transfers, rental cars, accommodation, meals – everything is already factored in. This way, you can be sure that no hidden costs await you.

Hochzeitsfotograf Südtirol, Elopementfotograf Dolomiten

Preview Gallery & Quick Photo Editing

Focusing exclusively on Elopements and Weddings allows me great flexibility for you. Within just 48 hours after your Elopement, you'll receive your first preview photos from me. Only an additional 7 days* later, your complete gallery will be fully edited!

*Depending on availability & travel time

Elopement Packages & Prices

2-Day Elopement, Worldwide, Photo & Video

all inclusive

The Best of the Best and the most incredible journey of your life. No matter where in the world you decide to go, this is the package that does justice to it all.

2 days after which you not only hold your unparalleled photos in hand but also, through an emotional Elopement video, will never forget a single moment.

What You Get:

· 2-day photo coverage worldwide

· No hourly limit

· 400-500 professionally edited photos in full resolution

· Private online gallery for viewing, downloading, and printing your photos

· Preview photos within only 48 hours

· 100% of my travel costs included

+ 5 min Elopement video

+ Additional videographer with travel costs

+ 3 short-form videos (Reels)

+ 40x30 cm premium print album, 50 pages

+ Worldwide travel included

Elopement planning, so you have to worry about as little as possible:

· Location research for the best photos in the most beautiful light

· Day & route planning for a relaxed schedule

· Local vendor recommendations

· Activity recommendations

12.800 € / 14.000 $ worldwide

+ Add-Ons

Possible Add-ons for all other packages:

· Elopement video incl. Videographer & Travel Costs – €4,000

· Short-form videos (Reels) – €500

· Premium Print Album – €750

· Worldwide Travel – €2,000

We will discuss all options together in our Zoom/Face Time call.

Hochzeitsfotograf Madeira, Elopementfotograf Madeira

2-Day Elopement, Europe, Photo

Your adventure in the place that truly speaks to your heart. Whether under the Northern Lights in Norway, on the black beaches of Iceland, on the peaks of Madeira, or elsewhere – this will be unforgettable!

2 days for you and your story. 2 days of maximum fun and an experience you'll talk about for decades. The perfect package if you want to incorporate a larger activity into your Elopement.

What you get:

· 2-day photo coverage

· No hourly limit

· 400-500 professionally edited photos in full resolution

· Private online gallery for viewing, downloading, and printing your photos

· Preview photos in just 48 hours

· 100% of my travel expenses included

Elopement planning, so you have to worry about as little as possible:

· Location research for the best photos in the most beautiful light

· Day- & route planning for a relaxed schedule

· Local service provider recommendations

· Activity recommendations

7.200 € / 7.700 $ throughout Europe

worldwide +2.000 € / +2.200 $

Hochzeitsfotograf Schottland, Elopement Schottland, Elopementfotograf Schottland

1-day Elopement, Europe, Photo

most popular

The most frequently booked package. Shorter, but no less exciting and adventurous. A day full of euphoria, love and pure emotions.

I plan the whole thing for you so that we can fit everything important into just one day without rushing.

What you get:

· 1-day photo coverage

· No hourly limit

· 300 professionally edited photos in full resolution

· Private online gallery for viewing, downloading, and printing your photos

· Preview photos in just 48 hours

· 100% of my travel expenses included

Elopement planning, so you have to worry about as little as possible:

· Location research for the best photos in the most beautiful light

· Day & route planning for a relaxed schedule

· Local service provider recommendations

· Activity recommendations

6.400 € / 6.800 $ throughout Europe

worldwide +2.000 € / +2.200 $


4-Hour Elopement in Germany

Prefer to elope in Germany? Then this is the package for you. Throughout Germany, I'll accompany you for a relaxed 4 hours on your special day. From the dunes up north to the Alps down south, I'll go wherever you and your plans take me.

What you get:

· 4 hours of photo coverage

· 150 professionally edited photos in full resolution

· Private online gallery for viewing, downloading, and printing your photos

· Preview photos in just 48 hours

· 100% of my travel expenses included

Elopement planning, so you have to worry about as little as possible:

· Location research for the best photos in the most beautiful light

4.400 € / 4.700 $ throughout Germany